You’re starting to read this blog thinking, “Are there only 10 factors that can make a candidate search difficult?” Of course not! There are obviously other factors that can affect the difficulty of a candidate search, not just the availability or personality of potential candidates. I’ve compiled some of the top factors that can make a candidate search difficult. I have experienced a lot working as a recruiter over 20 years.

And there are!  Below are 10 factors, listed in no particular order that can make a candidate search difficult:

  1. Remote location or unappealing facility
  2. Lack of advancement opportunities
  3. Salary or benefits offered are below the industry average
  4. Old technical processes or old equipment
  5. Company in financial distress or recent industry scandal
  6. Small companies or start-ups are often seen as risks or lacking a positive reputation
  7. Difficult commutes or long work hours
  8. High cost of living area
  9. Amount of overnight travel
  10. Required certifications, security clearances, or advanced degrees

As the last three blog posts (#1, #2, #3) have illustrated, all candidate searches do NOT require the same amount of work and they are NOT of the same difficulty.  There are countless factors at work, and they all affect the search in some way, shape, or form.

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