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Meet Agri-Sales Recruiter Andy Chatterjee, CPC

When Andy wanted to transition from our Director of Operations into a recruiter, we had him work on a variety of searches.  He found most of his success recruiting sales reps and sales managers.  In late 2018 when we decided to have someone concentrate solely on sales positions, Andy was the obvious choice to be our agri-sales recruiter.

Andy Chatterjee is now the Sales Recruiter for the Agriculture Technology and Manufacturing division.  He specializes in the recruitment of Sales Representatives, Sales Managers, and Account Managers.  His client list will be agri-tech companies, dairy equipment manufacturers, and capital equipment manufacturers.  In addition, he will recruit for feed mill equipment companies and companies in agronomy and precision agriculture.

With years of experience running Continental Search’s data, research, and marketing systems, Andy has a unique understanding of leveraging technology for accelerating placements for clients. As a result of his knowledge of the “hidden” talent pool coupled with our achievement-based sales interview process and sales aptitude assessment Andy is able to present an in-depth review of the candidates he recommends. His clients quickly determine who they want to interview and hire confidently.

Some of Andy’s significant placements include a Sales Manager for a major animal health company.  He also filled multiple account managers for a leading company within the beef industry, and a Regional Sales Manager for a top 5 national feed company.

Hire for Cultural Fit

Hiring for a cultural fit is a concept about which we at Continental Search and passionate.  We have chosen ThriveMap’s tools from a global search for the right product.  The assessment focuses on hiring people who feel the same way that your team does about:

  • Decision Making
  • Career Growth
  • How Things Are Done
  • Measuring Performance
  • Interaction/Feedback

Let us help you hire confidently by using the right tools when interviewing top candidates.

Andy works closely with Division Manager, Jim Hipskind to help clients find great talent.  If you are In search of talent in agriculture sales, contact Jim at (800) 799-4520 or Andy at