When hiring top talents, companies have a specific set of skills and qualifications they need to meet. However, after doing the job search process, such as posting on job boards and reaching out to connect, what if no one meets those criteria? 

Companies cannot easily alter their business model to attract the right person. So, they may find themselves stuck in a rut when no candidates meet their specific set of qualifications. The job seems impossible to fill. This is where the process becomes more interesting.

While it’s true companies can’t easily alter their business model, they can open up their search to alternative routes and consider a wider range of candidates.

Here’s how:

  1. Shift the focus from specific qualifications to skills and experience.

Most companies require a specific degree or certification for a job, limiting their pool of potential candidates. For instance, shifting the focus to the skills and experience necessary for the job can broaden the search and find candidates who may have gained these skills through alternative routes. 

  1. Consider candidates with relevant discipline skills.

Some candidates may have yet to gain experience in a specific product line, but they possess the relevant discipline skills required for the position. For instance, if a company requires a candidate with a particular experience in the animal science industry but can’t find one, they can broaden their search and consider candidates with experience in a related agriculture field. Or they can also look at people with the right discipline regardless of industry. 

  1. Look for new talents, such as recent graduates.

While fresh graduates need more experience, they bring new ideas and perspectives to the workplace. Consider hiring recent graduates who have the educational background appropriate for the position. This is a win-win approach, as companies can mold new talents to fit their company culture and expectations, and the graduates can gain valuable work experience.

Today, companies face tough competition when trying to attract the best talent. Traditional methods of hiring sometimes limit the pool of potential candidates. However, by considering alternative ways to find the right people, they can find hidden gems. Every once in a while, they need to break away from traditional hiring methods and embrace new ideas to stay ahead of the game.

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About the Author

Dan Simmons has been recruiting for over three decades now. He founded Continental Search in 1996 and leads a team of driven and committed executive recruiters who share his intensity. His recruitment efforts contributed to the success of many companies as well as to reaching many professionals’ dreams. 

In between recruiting, Dan has spoken on careers in the animal sciences at the American Meat Science Association, the American Dairy Science Association, the American Society of Animal Sciences, the University of Delaware, the University of Maryland, Penn State, and Virginia Tech. 

For the latest job opportunities, you may connect with Dan on LinkedIn or email him at dan@continentalsearch.com.