Andy Chatterjee, CPC

Sales Recruiter, Agriculture Technology and Manufacturing

Andy Chatterjee is a Recruiter for roles throughout the animal science industry. He fills sales, manufacturing management and executive positions across the USA, working in dairy, swine, beef and poultry.

After serving as Continental Search’s Data Operations Manager in 2011, Andy was promoted to Director of Operations in 2012. After that, he continued to grow professionally and transitioned into a search consultant role in 2017. He began recruiting sales representatives and managers in the feed industry. His success opened him to another promotion in 2018 to lead sales recruitment for the company’s new Agriculture Technology and Manufacturing division.

Andy has years of experience running our data, research, and marketing systems. That is to say, Andy has a unique understanding of leveraging technology for accelerating placements for clients. This knowledge of the “hidden” talent pool coupled with our achievement-based sales interview process and sales aptitude assessment enables Andy to present an in-depth review of the candidates he recommends. His clients quickly determine who they want to interview and hire confidently.

Some of Andy’s significant placements include Sales Manager for a major animal health company. Additionally, he recruited multiple account managers for leading companies within the beef industry and a Regional Sales Manager for a top 5 national feed company.

Andy received his Master of Science degree in Human Resources with a focus on recruitment. Andy is a Certified Personnel Consultant through NAPS.


Andy and his wife love long rides on his motorcycle. He enjoys spending time with friends and good beer.

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