By Dan Simmons

Are you a Top Performer who should be in a better job?  If yes, we’d like to market your candidacy to potential employers for a better situation for you.

Every hiring manager and every HR rep wants to build a team of great people.  In a perfect world this would be hiring the top 1% of the talent for every position.  In reality, if companies can hire in the top 30%, they will build great teams.  Wise hiring managers know this and pay top dollar to acquire such talent when it comes available.

Let’s first deal with the question – Are you in the top 30% of your profession/industry?

Here’s what it means to be in the top 30%

  • You have a track record of success.
    • You can show consistent top performance for your employers through references, copies of employee evaluations, letters of recommendation or copies of awards that you have won.
  • Your accomplishments and responsibilities justify your salary requirements.
    • Employers expect a certain return on their hiring investment – do you have a documented track record of providing that return for previous employers?
  • You have made wise career decisions.
    • Your resume makes sense and your choices propelled you forward to more responsibility or better employers.
  • You are able to be promoted at least one level from your current job.
    • You have a history of being promoted within an organization or throughout your career.
  • You exude stability.
    • You have shown that you are a low-risk hire because you normally stay 5 years with an employer.
  • You have continued to improve your skills since graduation and can list what you have done.
    • This could include reading books on selling, earning a technical certification or being asked to speak on a topic in which you have become an expert.
  • Others think you’re great.
    • You have a list of references that will sing your praises and can confirm your accomplishments.
  • You have a professional presence and can articulate your success with confidence, not arrogance.
  • You are fun to have on the team.

If you’re not in the top 30% and you passionately desire to be, you can see what you must do.

If you are, a quick assessment of your employment situation will let you know if you are working in the optimum situation.  If you would like to see if you can improve your employment situation, we’d like to market you to top employers within your targeted geography.  On the next page you will find a series of items that we will review with you.  Please be prepared to discuss these or if you like you can complete the form, send it to us and we will contact you after we review it.

We look forward to helping you move forward with your career. Contact the Continental Search Team today!