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Cultural Fit Assessment – Continental Search

No two companies are identical, especially when it comes to culture. Our cultural assessment partner, ThriveMap provides the ability to develop an assessment based on management style and the results of their top performers. Using this tool, the client can screen a large number of applicants with ease. ThriveMap’s culture fit tool allows you to plot your desired or current management style and gauge whether candidates will thrive in your work environment. It also allows you to compare their ideal environment to your top talent. There are 5 factors that will help you decide if you should move forward.

Decision Making

Some candidates will prefer a strongly hierarchical approach. The most senior members decide on everything and the team follows what is implemented, no questions asked. Some candidates may want a democratic environment. The whole team gets a say in decision-making, irrespective of seniority and rank.

Career Growth

The candidate might want a stable environment, where company values long service over experience and skills. Some may prefer a dynamic environment, where skills and experience are more important than long service and commitment.

How Things Are Done

Some people may want a procedural work environment, where management has a process that everyone must follow. Other candidates might want to work in a company that provides people with targets but allows them to do things differently to attain their set goals.

Measuring Performance

A candidate may wish to work in a company with a targeted approach, where every member is given their own goals. Another candidate may prefer a collaborative approach, where members have to work together to achieve the desired outcome.


Some candidates might prefer a company where people have to be strongly resilient and be able to take criticism. Other candidates may want to work in a place where the higher-ups are more sensitive about their employees’ feelings and take great care to provide feedback in a way that does not hurt them.

The cost of each ThriveMap assessment is $35.00. – Continental Search & Outplacements