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Companies in search of a key leader or who have a sensitive situation where a high level of discretion is required often engage an executive search.  The keys to success when running an executive search are the ability to articulate your business needs and situation, a defined, proven process and an experienced headhunter who has the right tools.

Here’s how we can help.  We will

  • Ask questions.  Tough questions about what your business needs from this leader.
  • Work with you to define the search.  We learn about your culture, your goals, and the unique job function.
  • Use our proven process to identify leaders in your field who are qualified and interested in your challenge and determine if they have the abilities, experience, and desire to take on your job.
  • Utilize a variety of assessments from Criteria Corp that will measure candidates knowledge and aptitude in the required areas of expertise.
  • Use ThriveMap to identify candidates who will fit (or revolutionize, if desired) your company’s culture.
  • Manage the screening, interviewing, offer negotiation and closing of the search by partnering with the key manager conducting the search.

Executive search requires a depth of recruiting experience as there are more aspects to the job and offer than with the average professional hire.  Our Division Managers, Dan Simmons, and Jim Hipskind run our executive search projects.  Both Dan and Jim are Certified Personnel Consultants and each has over 25 years of recruiting experience.

Top level placements by our team include:

  • The President of a major animal nutrition company that became CEO and took the company global, growing sales at an incredible rate before retiring after 11 years.
  • A Vice President of Operations for a pet-food company who was able to solve problems no one else could.
  • The Director of Nutrition & Marketing for one of the top feed companies in the USA who lead the team to success for six years leaving after the company was acquired.
  • The Director of Nutrition for a regional feed manufacturer who helped grow the company’s dairy business for seven years before their closing.

If you would like to learn more about how our executive search process can help you identify and hire key leaders reach out to Dan Simmons at (888) 276-6789 or dan@consearch.com