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Hiring Trish Valenzuela in 2015 provided our team with a monogastric health and nutrition recruiting specialist and has become a core competency.  We recruit poultry nutritionists, swine nutritionists, monogastric technical specialists, poultry and swine sales managers and even formulators.

We are presently working with a wide range of clientele in the poultry and pork industries including:

  • Global companies who have teams in the US and Canada
  • US – based feed additive companies
  • Large commercial feed companies
  • Integrated companies
  • Animal health companies

We have placed people in companies that sell products that range from minerals to a full line of monogastric health and nutrition offerings.

Our poultry and pork team consists of Dan Simmons and Trish Valenzuela.  You can meet them both at IPPE in Atlanta, Georgia and the National Meeting on Poultry Health, Processing and Live Production in Ocean City, Maryland.

Whether you prefer an engaged search, contingent search or our new cultural fit recruiting program, we are ready to help you find a great feed mill manager.  Using products from industry leader, ThriveMap, that assess how someone would fit into your culture and manager’s style, we help you identify and recruit someone who fits your culture and will be engaged.  This engagement leads to longer tenure and higher productivity.

Hiring for a cultural fit is a concept about which we at Continental Search and passionate.  We have chosen ThriveMap’s tools from a global search for the right product.  The assessment focuses on hiring people who feel the same way that your team does about:

  • Decision Making
  • Career Growth
  • How Things Are Done
  • Measuring Performance
  • Interaction/Feedback

Let us help you hire confidently by using the right tools when interviewing top candidates.

If you are in need of talent in monogastric health and nutrition, contact Trish at (302) 601 0869 or trish@consearch.com.

See how we can help you recruit highly engaged employees using our cultural fit assessment.

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