Hiring a Feed Mill Manager or Superintendant?

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Hiring a Feed Mill Manager or Superintendant?2018-12-20T22:41:50+00:00

We have been recruiting feed mill managers for over 15 years.  We have it down to a science.   In late 2018 we assigned a team member to work exclusively in feed mill recruiting.  Maria Codilla was selected.   Utilizing an in-depth interview for feed mill managers perfected by our Division Managers, Jim Hipskind and Dan Simmons, Maria will help you hire a feed mill manager.

This interview quantifies and qualifies a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and experience. Using this and understanding each candidate’s career goals allows Maria to present a comprehensive overview of a candidate to employers.  Subsequently, they can hire a candidate who fits their culture and business needs.

Our clients include integrated companies, large commercial feed companies, and local feed mills.  We would like to partner with you to find a candidate that fits if you need a leader to oversee a dozen mills or on the other hand, a manager for a local grind and mix plant.

We have flexible recruiting programs, both engaged or contingent search.  Additionally, we have our new cultural fit recruiting program.  We use products from industry leader, ThriveMap.  These assessments show how someone would fit into your culture and manager’s style.  As a result, we help you identify and recruit someone who fits your culture and will be engaged.  This engagement leads to longer tenure and higher productivity.

Hire for Cultural Fit

Hiring for a cultural fit is a concept about which we at Continental Search and passionate.  We have chosen ThriveMap’s tools from a global search for the right product.  The assessment focuses on hiring people who feel the same way that your team does about:

  • Decision Making
  • Career Growth
  • How Things Are Done
  • Measuring Performance
  • Interaction/Feedback

Let us help you confidently hire a feed mill manager by using the right tools and interviewing great candidates.

Need help finding the right feed mill manager? Get in touch with Maria. You can reach her at maria@continentalsearch.com or (302) 273-0709.

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