Director of Sow Production

Job #: 167135

Location: SD

One of the top pork powerhouses is in need of a Director of Sow Production for their operations to oversee 20 barns. In this role, you will provide operations support to multisite supervisors and farm managers. 
  • Lead by example to effectively communicate and establish the company’s mission and core values. 
  • Educate leadership personnel on the company’s message and goals.
  • Ensure safety measures are upheld at all locations.
  • Analyze and enhance protocols, and communicate organizational development plans.
  • Conduct production meetings to enhance the knowledge and skills of managers.
  • Foster a productive work environment by setting goals, promoting employee accountability, and encouraging continuous improvement.
  • Mentor individual production consultants to strengthen their abilities in financial analysis of farm statistics and profitability, and devise improvement strategies.
  • Tailor individual development plans for each production consultant based on the specific needs of their assigned farms.
  • Maintain consistent communication with the other Directors and Upper Management regarding all relevant aspects of production and operations.
  • Perform financial analysis of the entire production system, collaborating with the finance department to develop production strategies aligned with each organization’s profitability and growth objectives.
  • Establish farm goals that align with the overall company goals.
  • Hold production consultants and farm employees accountable for their actions and the outcomes achieved on their respective farms.
  • Regularly communicate farm results to farm owners/shareholders.
  • Cultivate strategic alliances with owners/shareholders to support future growth plans of the organizations.
  • Continuously improve operations through analyzing existing protocols and implementing best practices.
  • Collaborate with the finance department to devise cost-effective processes and strategies for the development of new farm sites
This can be a step-up role for a production manager/supervisor with at least 5 years of multi-site experience