Sow Farm Supervisor

Job #: 167242

Location: IA

A leading pork production leader seeks a dedicated Sow Farm Supervisor to join their dynamic team. This role involves significant field operations, requiring the supervisor to effectively manage time and resources across various farm sites to uphold their standards of excellence in animal welfare and productivity.
*    Regularly visit farm sites to monitor operations and ensure that each location upholds high standards.
*    Implement and maintain a rigorous training program to ensure all staff and contract growers strictly adhere to company standards and protocol.
*    Build and maintain strong, productive relationships with Independent Contractors, ensuring all contractual obligations are met.
*    Monitor herd health and enforce biosecurity protocols rigorously to maintain disease-free environments.
*    Generate detailed visit reports and conduct process verification audits to ensure compliance with Best Production Practices and facility standards.
*    Manage operational costs and optimize revenue through strategic marketing and animal selection.
*    Efficiently manage the ordering of supplies and vaccines, oversee inventory levels, and accurate data entry.
*    Complete necessary paperwork and attend production meetings to stay aligned with corporate goals .
*    Preferred a two-year technical degree in Agriculture or a related field.
*    At least one year of successful experience in grow-finish swine operations.
*    Excellent organizational, problem-solving, and detail-oriented skills are essential. Proficiency in Microsoft Office is required.
*    Must possess a valid driver’s license and have the ability to travel frequently between sites.
Work Environment:
*    This role is primarily field-based, involving regular travel to farm sites. The position requires an individual who thrives in agricultural settings and is comfortable with the physical demands of farm oversight.