Swine Production Manager

Job #: 167226

Location: IA

Work with one of the leading pork producers overseeing their wean-to-finish operations in Iowa. You will work closely with contract growers to ensure biosecurity, animal welfare and pork quality protocols are met. 
  • Educate employees, independent contractors, and contract growers on company standards for animal care and site management.
  • Ensure comprehensive training, monitoring, and compliance among all involved in biosecurity procedures related to animal and facility care.
  • Oversee feed ordering to prevent interruptions, adjust feeders properly, manage end-of-turn feed procedures, and minimize leftover feed in bins.
  • Collaborate with caretakers and veterinarians to monitor health, address concerns promptly.
  • Execute marketing strategies, focusing on optimal timing and selection of animals for revenue maximization.
  • Implement and manage adherence to verification programs under the hog procurement agreement.
  • Ensure training and adherence to animal well-being procedures, including euthanasia practices.
  • Conduct counts and grading of incoming pigs, monitor mortality and sales reporting, aim to minimize inventory discrepancies.
  • Manage orders for veterinary and maintenance supplies for responsible farms.
  • Understand and communicate key financial and physical performance metrics to caretakers to meet targets.
  • Order supplies and vaccines, track orders.
  • Schedule market and cull loads.
  • Communicate with caretakers regarding logistics, animal care, and feed management, using Spanish translation tools as necessary.
  • Plan and schedule weekly tasks and priorities.
  • Handle necessary communications and calls.
  • At least 3 years of successful grow-finish experience.
  • A college degree is preferred, but not required. 
  • Computer literate in Windows and Excel
  • English is required, some Spanish skills would be a plus 
  • PQA and TQA certification