What Are You Worth in Today’s Market?

What are you worth in today’s market? A general principle for financial success in the stock market is to buy low and sell high. When that rule of thumb is applied to your career, it means that you should stay put in a poor job market and be open to making a move during a hot market. Just as you evaluate your stock portfolio, you should also be evaluating your career. Is this the right time for you to make a change? Are you getting the most value from your work? Are you selling your time to the highest bidder?

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Is It Time to Audit Your Current Employer?

If you’re not 100% sure that where you are is where you should be, then it might be time to audit your current employer. What does that mean? It means taking a hard look at your current situation and asking questions about your employer that you may not have considered before, questions like the ones listed below: Are there opportunities for advancement? If so, what are those opportunities? Are you able to engage those opportunities? If not, why not?

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Resume Tips: Highlight Achievements, Not Responsibilities

My office has seen thousands of resumes come through it’s doors over the past 15 years we’ve been established. Many candidates don’t realize how important this document is to a recruiter, much less a future employer. Remember, this is your first impression! It’s your stake on a claim for that job you so desperately want and unfortunately, many candidate’s fall short of even being considered because, well, their resume is just plain boring.

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Why You Should Examine Your Career Situation

The Conference Board Measure of CEO Confidence™ showed that CEO confidence is again on the rise. As for the employment outlook, CEOs are more bullish than last year, with half now saying they intend to ramp up their hiring.

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How to Conduct a Courtesy Interview

By Dan Simmons Continuing in the hypothetical situation about “Paul,” here are some tips on handling a courtesy interview. What to Say On the Call “Hi!  My name is XX, and I’m the Director of XX at Great Employer.  I was speaking with XX today, and he recommended that I give you a call.  [...]

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