Recruiting Myth #2: Recruiting is Easy

Human Resource professionals are often the ones who propagate this recruiting myth. Many HR professionals appear to resent recruiters because they see a recruiter make a call into their company, get a search, fill it in weeks, and then receive a check that equals three to six months of their salary.

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Geography, Relocation, and Travel Affecting Your Job Search?

Preparing for a better job and the subsequent advancement of your career involves many considerations. In my previous article, I asked the question, “Are you really a top candidate?” In this article, I’m asking, “If a great job was far away, would you be able to take it?” As usual, there are a number of helpful questions that will allow you to better assess your situation and how prepared you are to make a move for greener pastures. These questions address the subjects of geography, relocation, and travel and the role they play in your quest for finding a better job and how they are affecting your job search.

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4 Ways to Exploring your Career Options and Maintaining Confidentiality

“Loose lips sink ships” and often get people fired. When exploring job options, don’t let the word get to your employer, boss, customers or vendors. You might not find the right opportunity and no good can come from the people I just listed knowing that you’re not fully content at work. If you want to network to explore opportunities, make certain those you speak with can maintain confidentiality and understand your desire for privacy in the matter. Here are 4 ways to Exploring your Career Options and Maintaining Confidentiality.

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