Top 8 Questions to Improve Your Reference Checks

Reference checks on a potential hire can either be a routine matter to complete their file or a way to resolve any concerns that the hiring team might have. It all comes down to your approach. Below are examples of questions that can provide some insight. The example questions are in bold type, and the explanation for each one is located directly below it.

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Considering the Resume & Hiring for the Behaviors

Consider the Resume and Hire for the Behaviors. Usually, the hiring manager is responsible for submitting their “request” that includes: Responsibilities, Duties, Education, Experience, and a few Technical Skills or Qualifications

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Using Power Words to Write a Great Resume

Your resume should always provide an accurate picture of yourself, your work and accomplishments. By keeping your resume updated and by using some of these words your resume should stand out amongst the rest.

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Choosing The Best Resume Format

A person’s resume is one of the most important pieces in what I like to call their “career advancement puzzle.” There are a lot of items to factor into keeping your portfolio, references, contacts and resume up to date.

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Career

Welcome back from the holidays. You’ve probably already made your resolutions for the new year and while many people focus on some of the same time-honored resolutions (lose weight, work out at a gym, eat healthy), they don’t devote enough attention to the one area that could make a big difference in their life in the months ahead—their career.

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Ten Keys to a Dynamite Resume

To help you construct a better, more powerful resume, here are 10 pointers and areas of consideration in regard to your resume’s content and presentation.

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