What Are Your Employees Worth?

Retention has been of importance in the last few articles I’ve submitted to you…and with good reason. The only thing more important than recruiting and hiring the best talent in the market is keeping that talent on board and not letting it get away.

2011-08-02T07:00:38-05:00August 2nd, 2011|

Planning—The Key to Quality Talent Acquisition

Quality candidates—where are they, how can you get them, and how can you keep them? The upcoming candidate shortage, fueled by the imminent retirement of the Baby Boomer Generation, has been a well-documented fact. There is virtually no end to the amount of statistical data regarding this phenomenon.

2011-05-24T07:00:12-05:00May 24th, 2011|

Onboarding: Worth the Investment

You’ve heard it called different names—new employee orientation, employee onboarding, retention before the fact. Onboarding is a process by which employers orient and acclimate new employees into their company so they become productive more quickly and they’re likely to stay with the organization for a long time.

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