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Do you know why Continental Search remains the best US AG recruitment firm? Find out more about our recruitment process here.

US AG recruitment


To ensure your new hire fits


Cultural Fit Recruiting

Recommended for positions that need to be filled ASAP where you want to hire into your culture.

The program has all the benefits of Engaged Search, assessments that measure aptitude, skills, and personality, and the ThriveMap Culture Fit assessment.

Biggest Benefit: You will see how potential hires will fit into your group’s culture.

How it works:   Call us at (888) 276-6789 for more details.


For priority searches

Engaged Search

Recommended for positions that have a high priority and sense of urgency.

Biggest Benefit: Our recruiters actively recruit passive candidates to fill your job(s)

How it works:

We actively identify and attempt to recruit professionals who work for your competitors or like companies and that fit your needs.  We also check our database, add the job(s) to our email campaigns and post the job appropriately.  This is a popular option.


To build your team

Traditional Contingent Search

Recommended for positions that need to be filled but have a low priority.

Biggest Benefit: No upfront costs.

How it works:

We will actively recruit to fill your position by searching our database, including your job(s) in our email campaigns and by posting your job(s) on job boards and our website.  In the event our workload increases with more urgent searches, this project will be relegated to passive search status.


For executive or confidential searches

Retained Search

Recommended for executive or sensitive positions with the highest priority and or may be difficult to fill.

Biggest Benefit:

You have outsourced this recruiting project to our most senior recruiters who will make your project their priority and work with confidentiality.

How it works:

Division Managers actively recruit on retained searches, providing the service you would expect including weekly progress reports.


Assessment tools to help recruit, retain, and engage your team

ThriveMap assessments will

Measure your culture – Measure your team’s culture or set custom targets with an easy-to-use process.  Our analytics provide a detailed investigation into what makes your teams tick.

Identify the best candidates – See how candidates will and will not work within your team.  Customized candidate reports guide the interview process for an informed hiring decision.

Make your team stronger – See exactly where each candidate fits in the team and how they would affect team harmony if hired.  Embed the ThriveMap survey into your process to create a consistent culture fit.


Have a list of prospects that you want us to call?

Per Hour Recruiting

Recommended for confidential searches when you know who you want to recruit, but want a third-party to make the calls.

Biggest Benefit: You remain anonymous while recruiters contact candidates for you.

How it works:

You describe the opportunity and provide a list of contacts.  We attempt to recruit those listed.  A Division Manager manages your project providing weekly progress reports and the service you would expect  You choose our level of involvement.

The Right Hire – The Right Fit

At Continental Search, we deliver a comprehensive overview and fit assessment for each potential hire. Over 80% of the candidate profiles we deliver result in an interview and our rate of hire is 1 in 3. Our expedient, successful delivery leads to time savings and increased profitability.

Candidates presented are hand-selected, measured and evaluated with the following criteria:

Success Orientation

  • If candidates have exceeded their goals and how they rank among their peers
  • How they perceive themselves and deal with the ups and downs of selling
  • How they plan their sales calls and their influence on pricing


  • Their style, whether consultative, relational, process-driven, problem-solver or transactional
  • How they develop a territory and their thoughts on continuing self-improvement
  • Prospecting success and desires


  • The size, location, and volume of their territories and their typical customers
  • Product types sold, average sale, CRM use, average sales cycle and largest sale to date
  • Comfort with overnight travel


  • Corporate culture where they feel they fit in and team-orientation
  • What is motivating them to make a job change and overall
  • Complete compensation structure and non-competitive agreement

Third Party Sales Aptitude Assessment with Sales Achievement Predictor

  • We leverage the Sales Achievement Predictor (SalesAP) by Criteria Corp., an international leader in testing
  • This validated tool assess an individual’s suitability for sales work based on three Sales Success Scores in combination with the full SalesAP profile
  • Includes 15 subscales that measure individual traits that are important for success in sales. (see sample below)

Third Party Cultural Fit Assessment (Optional)

  • Our goal is to help clients find top sales reps who will mesh well into their company culture.
  • We use ThriveMap, a cultural fit assessment tool that measures how people like to work and allows hiring managers to make an objective assessment regarding cultural fit.
  • ThriveMap also compares their work preferences with the company’s or hiring manager’s style

By the Numbers

  • Over 520 placements with 100+ clients since 1996

  • Efficient  1 of 3 candidates interviewed in-person gets hired for the position.

  • Accredited  Our recruiters are Certified Personnel Consultants by NAPS. We are a NAPS Nationally Accredited Firm (1 of 9 in the USA).

  • Quality-Focused  More than 80% of the resumes we send to clients result in an interview.

  • Experienced  Our recruiting team has 65 years of collective experience.  Each Division Manager has over 25 years of recruiting experience.

  • We Partner with Our Clients   Our average client partnership lasts more than 7 years.