A dairy producer will protect his or her investment by ensuring the well-being of each cow under his or her care. I recently found an article from Dairy Herd Management that provides producers in this industry with tips that will help them prevent lameness, which is a condition that not only affects the health and well-being of the dairy cows, but the producer’s investment as well.

The biggest concerns dairy producers face are reproductive issues, mastitis and lameness. Lameness is an abnormality that can cause cows pain and make them walk with an abnormal gait. An unhappy dairy cow will be unable to perform as well as the healthy ones.

While it can be caused by genetics, other factors like improper nutrition and disease are quite preventable. This has lead the UW-Extension Dairy Team to come up with tips to aid dairy producers prevent this condition.

The article links to the Economics of Dairy Cattle Hoof Health fact sheet by Eric Ronk, a University of Wisconsin-Extension Calumet County Agriculture Agent. This talks about the economic costs that are associated with hoof conditions caused by foot rot, claw disease, laminitis and digital dermatitis.

UW-Extension’s Dairy Team has other factsheets that will be essential to people in this industry. These include topics that deal with hoof health with regard to housing, nutrition and even footbaths. To read more tips and tricks that will help ensure bovine health, visit UW-Extension Animal Well-being and Herd Health.

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Rick Pascual, CPC, PRC

How to Ensure Dairy Cow Hoof Health

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