Will AI Shape the Future of Hiring? Here’s What YOU Think.

Recently, I posed an intriguing question to the professional community on LinkedIn: "Do you think AI tools will be a crucial part of future hiring strategies?" The results, though expected, still held a few surprises. Breakdown of the Poll: Absolutely - 56% Maybe - 22% Not really - 0% Don't know yet - [...]

What Does The Rise In Minimum Acceptable Wage Mean For You?

Just a few days ago, I stumbled upon a fascinating fact from ZipRecruiter: the average lowest wage job seekers are willing to accept for a new job rose by 4.8%. This got me thinking about the various factors contributing to this change and its implications for both job seekers and employers. Unpacking the [...]

Can Companies Ensure Job Security and Fair Pay Amidst Rising Wage Demands?

Job seekers are understandably anxious about their prospects, yet they are not backing down from their wage demands. A recent survey by ZipRecruiter showed that the average lowest wage acceptable to job seekers for a new job increased by 4.8% (ZipRecruiter). Furthermore, their top priorities included good pay, job security, low stress, and [...]

Bend, Don’t Break: Why Being Flexible at Work Matters

Running a business is like playing a game. Sometimes, the rules change. In business, being able to change with the times, or being "flexible", is really important. Think about it. Every worker is different, and every job is different. If a business tries to make everyone follow the same strict rules all the [...]