Process for Talent Acquisition Success

Step 1 – Listen

Understand your needs, confirm mutual understanding

During our job order intake call, we learn your corporate culture and business need and confirm the six critical criteria for successful candidates for your role.  We send our notes to you, showing what we heard and ensuring that it is what you were saying.  Once we mutually understand your needs and our process, we begin the recruiting process.  These notes will include a matching grid that shows how each candidate matches your six critical criteria.

Step 2 – Identify

Potential prospects via our database and online tools

If your search is within our core markets, we will dig into our database and begin reaching out to candidates within 48 hours of your approval of our notes.  If this search is tangent to our core, our researchers will build a list of candidates within seven days.  With the Continental Commitment, we guarantee to attempt to speak with 75 prospects (or exhaust the market, sometimes, there are not 75 people in the market to call!).

Step 3 – Share

Phone calls, voicemails, texts, emails, and maybe job posting

Once we have a clear message about your opportunity and a list of potential candidates, emails and texts begin zipping through cyberspace, and phones will start ringing. If appropriate, we share your opportunity via our website, job postings, and email blasts to cast as wide a net as possible to bring you top prospects.

We share the opportunity with prospects, highlighting your corporate culture, the unique challenges, and the advantages of the role, enticing interested prospects to become candidates. We keep your company’s identity confidential until the prospect becomes interested and appears qualified.

Step 4 – Qualify

What, when, where, and how?

With your six critical criteria as the core of our qualification process, we qualify prospects for skills, cultural fit, education, travel/relocation, experience, and accomplishments based on your unique situation.  We look for people who have achievements that resemble those you desire the new hire to accomplish in the role.

We identify reasons for prior job changes and a present change, desired compensation, and travel/relocation limitations.

Step 5 – Present

Candidates who are interested, qualified, and know how to get the job done

Based on a cultural fit assessment and the six critical criteria points you provided, we will present candidates who match 85% (or more) of your qualifications and compensation structure and are interested in learning more about your career opportunity. We then work with you to create an in-depth and concise interview process.

Step 6 – Close

References, negotiations, wrap-up, and celebration

Once you have determined finalists, we conduct reference work specific to your thoughts and concerns for each finalist. When the top candidate is selected, we work closely with you to create an acceptable offer, facilitate any minor negotiations needed, and close the process.

Step 7 – Celebrate

We then suggest that all parties celebrate. We will!