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I shared an article about MMP before Christmas last year. According to Progressive Dairyman, Sonny Perdue, the U.S. Ag secretary, promises that there will be a stronger safety net for the 2018 Farm Bill.

Perdue says this will allow farmers to “weather times of economic stress without distorting markets or increasing shallow loss payments.” The current MMP seems inadequate, according to Jim Mulhern, NMPF president, and CEO.

Mulhern states that the USDA has taken steps to improve the program, but says more is needed. Click here to read the necessary MMP changes according to NMPF.

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RICK PASCUAL, CPC/ PRC • Dairy Industry Recruiter

Rick Pascual recruits in dairy nutrition for feed companies and their suppliers across the United States. He joined Continental Search in January 2015 from a career in call-center supervision. Since joining, Rick has made an impact on the team and has successfully filled a number of searches for nutritionists, sales, and sales management positions in animal health and nutrition.

After completing coursework and a grueling exam, Rick became a Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) in November 2015, as well as a Professional Recruiting Consultant (PRC) by AIRS in April 2016. Rick recruits Dairy Feed Sales Managers, Dairy Nutritionists, Directors of Nutrition, Territory Managers, Technical Support Managers, and District Managers for feed manufacturers, feed additive companies, international biotechnology companies, and animal health companies.

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