Greetings and Happy New Year!

We are pleased to announce that 2017 is our 21st year in business. Helping to meet the ever-expanding need for talent in animal agriculture made 2016 our best year ever. That said, we see increased demand for talent in 2017 and beyond, and we want to help you hire that talent!

That’s why we’ve spent the past 90 days diligently working to expand our candidate pool so that we can provide top talent to our clients in a timely manner. The investments that we’ve made have included:

  • Adding two (2) recruiters to our team, which now has six (6) recruiters and four (4) researchers/support staff.
  • Implementing tools that provide the contact information of prospective candidates more quickly, reducing research time and speeding up the recruiting process.
  • Acquiring state-of-the-art software that improves both the quality and speed of recruiting calls.
  • Investing in innovative technology that will drive your prospective hires to our website.
  • Specializing our recruiters and researchers by focusing on species, thereby improving efficiency and networking
  • Learning the latest techniques for talent acquisition from the top recruiting trainers.

As the talent pool contracts, recruiting the best candidates continues to be one of animal agriculture’s biggest challenges. We are a results-driven recruiting firm, and as such, our #1 goal is to provide quality talent to you as quickly as possible. Our recent investments are evidence of our unwavering commitment to this goal.

Most of all, I want to take a moment and thank you for your continued business.

Best wishes for health and prosperity in 2017!

Dan Simmons, CPC