September 22, 2010 – Top Recruiters Meet for Roundtable Discussions

Dan Simmons, CPC of Continental Search and Outplacement, Inc. will join other recruiting professionals for the final roundtable event of 2010. The Round Table Leadership Forum meets three times each year to discuss industry trends and best practices. The meeting will be on September 28 & 29 in St. Louis, Missouri.
This roundtable group of select recruiters has been meeting since 2003 and Simmons was a founding member. Meetings are held in different major cities across the United States to discuss industry trends and best practices, topics vary. The topic of this meeting is on implementing effective social media recruiting strategies. These nationally-recognized industry-leading recruiters will review one another’s strategy for their websites, use of social media such as and Facebook and discuss how to effective use email to attract talented professionals and executives. This review ensures each recruiter has a feedback from various experienced sources to provide maximum effect utilizing the latest technology and strategies.


About Continental Search & Outplacement, Inc.
Continental Search, a small firm with a large reach, partners with exceptional companies to identify and recruit top performers for key positions in animal nutrition, animal health and integrated food companies.  Since 1996, they have recruited more than 350 candidates for 65 clients in 29 states, the District of Columbia, and the province of Manitoba. They recruit for national food companies, feed ingredient suppliers, animal health companies, feed companies, swine producers and cooperatives. Visit Continental Search’s Website at

Contact: Dan Simmons, CPC Recruiter
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