By 2030, Generation Z will account for 58% of the global workforce.

These individuals, born between 1995 and 2015, make up more than 2 billion of the world’s population. While there’s a large recruitment pool for these talents, hiring them is more challenging than you think.

Gen Zs switch jobs twice more often than Millennial’s. Unlike their predecessors, their goal isn’t to find a job and keep it for the rest of their lives. These young talents don’t settle for jobs that offer less than a work-life balance, career advancement, and are aligned with their passion and values.

Tapping into this generation may require you to reshape your recruiting strategy. With their shorter attention span, you must keep the process short and sweet. Offer them compensation for what they’re worth, do not let age color the offer. They know and are more resolute in declining lowball offers. They had time to reflect on this during the pandemic. Independence also sounds more appealing to them than collaboration. And be tech-savvy. Learn to speak their language.

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