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The results are in for the 2016 Animal Science Monitor photo contest. In other words, we have selected the winners!

The top three winners all earned prize money: $150 for first prize, $75 for second price, and $50 for third price. And the first-place winner in our contest is . . .

  1. Joey Brown of The Ohio State University!
  2. In addition, the same person won both second and third place. That person is Kelsie Hinds. So congratulations to the both of you for winning our contest and for the prize money you earned!

We’d also like to recognize those who earned honorable mention status for the photos they submitted. Our honorable mention selections are Susan Burton and Karmella Dolecheck.

Other participants in our photo contest included the following individuals. We’d like thank them for their contributions!

  • Kathryn Anderson
  • Patricia Tyler
  • Carly Lukas
  • Camille Janssen
  • Wilson Wimberley
  • Deborah Lejeune
  • Julie Smith

As per contest rules, the winning photos, plus other entrants’ photos, will be used by Continental Search & Outplacement, Inc. on associated websites and social media accounts. From everybody at the Animal Science Monitor. we’d like to thank everybody who participated in this year’s contest.

Why do we say “this year’s contest”? Because we might have it again next year!

ASM 1 with Name ASM 3 With Name ASM 4 With Name ASM 2 With NameASM 5 With Name