(By Dan Simmons)

Obviously, as a job seeker, you want to impress prospective employers as much as possible and in as many ways as possible.  One way in which to accomplish this is to be a “paperwork pro,” especially as it pertains to the employment application.  Unfortunately, some job seekers don’t pay as much attention to the application as they should . . . and that can come back to haunt them.

So, if you’re asked to fill out an employment application, observe the following:

  • If possible, ask for a second application or make a photocopy of it.  Make your final application copy as neat, accurate, and complete as you can.
  • Complete all items on the application except expected salary, which should be left blank.  If challenged as to why you left it blank, say, “I have a salary range in which I am looking.  I will not know where in my range this position will fall until the end of the interview.  I did not want to give you false or misleading information.”
  • On the education section, include all education relevant to the prospective job, including seminars and other training.  If possible, all of your education should go on the application.  List your highest degrees first, unless directed otherwise.
  • Very completely fill out the work history section, including accomplishments, and, if recent, include jobs held to finance your education.  Do not try to substitute a resume for this section.  Only attach the resume if it includes information not on the application.
  • Provide business and personal references.  You should speak to these people in advance and know what they will say.
  • Be neat and avoid errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Attention to detail is extremely important when it comes to paperwork and the employment application.  Giving this attention can make you a “paperwork pro” and increase the chances that you’re the job seeker that’s given preference . . . and ultimately, an offer of employment.

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