Welcome to the final blog post in this employer series.  I hope that you’ve found the information to be enlightening, valuable, and motivating. We’ve discussed everything from Recruitment Myths & Tips, Headhunter Secrets and How Candidate Searches can be affected based on the variables presented to a recruiter.

It’s time to wrap things up, and as a way of doing so, I wanted to do my best to summarize everything I’ve explored and addressed during the past year in one sentence.  That sentence is as follows:

For long-term success, choose a recruiter who understands the entire hiring process and has business acumen, not one who simply sources resumes.

Of course, I’m not just going to part ways by only giving you one sentence (no matter how strong that sentence is).  Throughout the course of the past year, I’ve relayed a number of techniques that you can use to find and choose a recruiter for long-term success.

In this final post, I’d like to provide four more quick ways to choose a recruiter.  I may have touched upon one or more of these in one way or another previously, but others I have not.

  1. Google search the recruiter’s name.
  2. Check out the recruiter’s blog, eBooks, website, LinkedIn profile, speaking engagements, training, and certification.
  3. Make sure you feel comfortable with their professionalism and ethics.
  4. Check their references.

When this new partner checks out, your company’s ability to attract, recruit, and retain top talent will immediately increase, and so will your satisfaction, because working with a real pro will be a pleasure.

Happy hunting!

(For more information about maximizing the benefits of working with a recruiter, download a copy of Dan Simmons’s e-Book, Hunting the Headhunter: Your Guide to Debunking Myths, Cutting Costs, and Changing the Way You Play the Recruitment Game.)