The recent rise in milk output has affected the price of milk drastically. This is why more dairy operations are closely checking every input cost to evaluate the value of each on to their operations. This article I found on Dairy Herd will be useful to organizations looking to make the necessary cuts.

It is natural to tighten one’s belt, given the state of present milk prices. Even so, the article tells us that there are 5 reproduction factors that should not be cut. These are critical factors, regardless of economic problems.

  • Absolute Compliance to Protocol

Absolute compliance is non-negotiable. Protocol must be kept to make sure cows are bred at the right time.

  • Transition

Transition remains important as well, as this will play an important role in future lactation performance. Therefore, feeding and management has to remain constant.

  • Quality of AI Sires

The quality of AI sires remains non-negotiable as well. Going for less would compromise the whole operation, as it is necessary to ensure genetic superiority to maintain or improve product standards.

  • Workforce Quality

Employee quality should not suffer as well. A well-trained workforce can implement protocol in an efficient manner.

  • Veterinary Costs

Lastly, one cannot compromise the herd’s health by cutting veterinary costs. The entire business rests upon the quality of the product. This means that you should not let go of your herd veterinarian despite the current dip in milk prices.

Making spontaneous decisions should be avoided to ensure the well-being of the whole enterprise. This economic hiccup will not affect the workforce. In fact, many large companies have asked us to find talent for various job openings. So it is still a good time to consider a vertical career shift in this industry.

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Rick Pascual, CPC, PRC

Rick Pascual recruits in dairy nutrition for feed companies and their suppliersMilk Price Drop across the USA.  Rick joined Continental Search in January 2015 has successfully filled a number of searched for nutritionists, sales and sales management for leading companies.

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