One area that’s critically important to a person’s success in the marketplace and on the job is their employment attitude.

A person’s attitude and frame of mind can have a tremendous impact on the quality of their work, as well as how they are perceived.  Cultivating a positive attitude is tied directly to a person’s self-esteem, whether they’d like to admit it or not.

Below are five tips to build self-esteem and confidence, and as a result, for building a successful employment attitude:

  1. Make a list of your abilities and successes.  Putting an emphasis on positive achievements is a good way to help build self-esteem.
  1. Set reachable goals and then work to achieve them.  Notice the word “reachable.”  Setting unrealistic goals is ineffective at best and counterproductive at worst.  This should be easier to complete once you put together an objective list of your abilities.
  1. Learn how to accept criticism.  “Constructive criticism” is designed to help you grow as a person or employee, not tear you down or degrade you.  In actuality, any criticism you learn and grow from can be considered constructive, even if it wasn’t meant to be.
  1. Learn how to handle workplace pressure.  Every job has its share of pressure; it’s just a matter of how much.  How you deal with it is determined to a degree by your personality (i.e., Type A, Type B).  However, you can train yourself to handle pressure better.  This can be done in a number of different ways, such as through workshops or training books and tapes.
  1. Be assertive, but not arrogant.  People like to be around assertive, forward-thinking confident co-workers.  On the other hand, they don’t like to be around arrogant ones.

There are many factors that companies take into consideration when deciding which employees to promote and which candidates to hire.  A person’s employment attitude is one of those considerations.  You might have all the talent in the world, but the wrong attitude could hold you back.

Take the steps necessary to make your employment attitude the best that it can be—and your career will follow.