There are many ways to increase your employee value to an employer.  They involve learning more, doing more, and raising your profile.

Below are eight actions you can take to increase your worth:

  1. Ask for special projects.  This will show your initiative and that you’re not simply satisfied with maintaining the status quo.  Supervisors want employees who volunteer for projects, not scurry in every direction when it’s time to dole out responsibility.
  1. Identify ways technology can increase your productivity or decrease the company’s expenses.  Share these ideas with your supervisor.  If they know you can be counted upon for new ideas, then your stock will rise.
  1. At your next evaluation, ask your boss how you can be more valuable to the company.  Once again, this will show your initiative, as well as your commitment to the company.  Just remember that you’re likely to be given exactly what you’re asking for—namely a list of things to do to make yourself more valuable.
  1. Obtain certifications.  Various certifications are offered by a number of industry groups.  Certification serves to diversify your knowledge and skill set and immediately adds more credibility and validation to your worth as an employee.
  1. Become active in industry associations.  This is a great way to not only increase your overall knowledge base, but to also begin networking more effectively with other professionals in your industry.  You can learn more, expand your connections, and keep abreast of trends and new ideas.
  1. Write for industry publications.  First, this will raise your profile individually, and second, it will increase your company’s presence in the marketplace.
  1. Work harder AND smarter.  There’s no substitute for hard work, whether that entails arriving early or staying a few minutes past five o’clock.  That being said, working harder at the wrong things is counter-productive, so plan appropriately.
  1. Go back to school.  Before embarking upon this endeavor, do your homework (pun intended).  Determine which extension of your current education will enhance your career in both the short term and the long run.

Are there more than eight ways to increase your worth as an employee?  Certainly, but the ones listed above serve as a good starting point for achieving greater career success.