Hey there! It’s Dan of Continental Search. I came across an interesting and informative video  from Angus TV for all my friends and clients in the beef industry.

The beef industry has undergone so many changes in the last few years and yet remains one of the best in the US market.  It provides many job opportunities and continues to contribute to the economy of the country in a massive way.

However, most people think that it is as easy as breeding good stock. Not enough individuals understand that there is a lot of effort that goes into creating good cattle.

This particular report talks about evolution of genetic progress in the beef industry and  how the Angus breed, although having made great strides, has a long way to go to improve the products available in the US market and across the world.

They also talk about seed stock providers and partnership in this video. This is because seed stock providers and cattle companies are quite vested on each other. They stress the importance of the relationship as it ensures that both sides flourish. The failure of one will affect the other as well.

The report discusses sustainability too. The US Round Table for Sustainable Beef came together to discuss the sustainability of the beef business recently. They say that sustainability is a broad definition and that being sustainable should include taking care of the land, society and economics to improve and increase this industry’s potential. The goal is to make the whole beef industry sustainable across all spectrums.

Angus TV’s video includes useful event announcements as well. There are also news about cattle events for those who are interested to learn more about this industry.

This informative video from Angus TV helps consumers and people who are contemplating about getting started in the industry understand that there is so many considerations with regard to creating high-quality Angus beef products. It discusses important topics which people in the industry should be aware of.

You can watch the full video here and make sure you check other uploads on their Youtube channel.

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Dan Simmons CPC, Sr. Recruiter

Beef Industry Report

Dan Simmons, CPC

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