(By Dan Simmons)
You know that your company is a great company to work for. But the bottom line when it comes to attracting top talent in the marketplace is that it doesn’t matter if you know.

It matters if the talent knows.

In this market a strategic, detailed, and comprehensive plan-of-attack for companies is required to attract and hire the type of candidates they want. The central thread running through the plan is effective communication. If you communicate exactly what you want to the candidate you’re interviewing and if you’re able to communicate so that they see this position as an exciting, career-advancing opportunity, the chances that they’ll accept your offer will increase greatly.

It’s In The Details
Every time you interact with a candidate, verbally or non-verbally, you’re communicating with them. Even when you’re not interacting with them you’re still communicating, which means you could be inadvertently communicating the wrong things.

Steps to Marking Your Company Stand Out for Top Notch Talent:

  • Market Perception: Understand how you’re perceived in the employment marketplace for each type of position you’re seeking to fill and also how to dispel negative misperceptions. This will require research and some homework, but it will be well worth it. Be informed, and act accordingly.
  • Expectations: Create an outline of expectations of the first 100 days for all new employees along with a solid orientation program. Communicating expectations is the first step toward making sure that those expectations are met. This includes personality traits and skills necessary for success with the company and the position they are interviewing for. Be specific!
  • Process: Construct a concise and timely process for screening candidates that is adhered to and decisive. In a way, you’re being interviewed, as well. Make sure that your process accomplishes everything you want it to and portrays an accurate and positive image of your company.
  • The Why: Draft a well-defined value proposition; reasons why top candidates would leave your competitor and join your company. “We’re better” just isn’t going to cut it. Candidates want a detailed list of why they should join you and not Company X.
  • Budget: Be prepared to offer A+ candidates what they’re looking for in terms of salary, benefits and opportunities for advancement. You have to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Time and time again, companies have lost top talent because of their inability to effectively communicate not only what they can offer, but also what the candidate can expect. This needs to be communicated thoroughly through a concise interview process.

  1. Review or create your process.
  2. Make certain all participants in the hiring process adhere to the process, every time. Eliminate unnecessary steps.
  3. And of course, make sure that clear communication is a top priority.

If you have any questions or if you’d like more information, you can contact me at (888) 276-6789 or at Contact Dan.