2024 Animal Health & Nutrition Tech Salary Survey

We want to thank the 328 people who took the time to respond. We changed the timing of our survey, gathering responses late in 2023, making this our 2024 publication.

Of the 328 respondents, most (43%) described themselves as being in technical or sales support for animal nutrition or health companies. 6% work for traditional feed companies. 7% work for an integrated company as a nutritionist or veterinarian. 6% work as a Formulator/In-House Nutritionist for a feed company. 1% works as a Nutritionist/Formulator for Pet Food Manufacturers. 10% work as independent consultants or with consulting groups. 11% in R&D or product development. 3% work in academia. 1% work in Pharmaceutical. Another 10% specified ‘other’ roles, encompassing diverse positions beyond the scope of our survey.

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