There is a global demand for dairy. At present it is at 20 million metric tons yearly. According to an article on The Dairy Site, this is expected to continue until 2025, which is good news for people in this industry.

The Dairy Site reports that this data is from the Long-term Dairy Outlook from IFCN Dairy. According to IFCN, the estimated global milk demand will rise 2.3 percent a year or 25 per cent in a 10 year span.

This is attributed to the demand growth of the growing population and the increase of milk consumption as well. According to the Managing Director of IFCN, Torsten Hemme, “There will be one billion more consumers on this planet who will have a demand for milk products.

“Globally, each person will consume 13 kg more in Milk Equivalent over ten years.” He also said “the level of global milk supply will also keep growing, provided that the consumers still have positive preferences for milk and the political and overall economic situation is stable.”

The estimated milk price is also mention being at 41 USD/100 kg milk, which is higher than prices in 2015 and 2016. There are changes expected with regard to farm size and numbers. In 2025, there may be less farms but ones with larger operations. The number of farms is expected to drop by 17.5 million less.

Even so, the number of cows and the milk yield are expected to rise. This would signify an increase in milk production of 47 per cent until 2025. You can view the full article here and the detailed IFCN report as well.

The larger number of dairy cows will mean more jobs for people in this industry and those who are yet to enter it. Those who are currently in this field and want to improve their career path will have more choices available to them in the coming years.

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Rick Pascual • CPC, PRC

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