Animal science is a diverse field that offers a wide range of career opportunities. Whether you’re passionate about animal care or interested in the scientific research behind animal behavior or teaching about the subject, you can take many different paths.

Animal science offers jobs in live animal production, government, academia, not-for-profit, and industry. Opportunities may include working as a farm manager, a producer, a veterinarian, a data analyst, or a professor. Other jobs include technical support, product development, animal nutritionist, sales, and marketing.

Live Animal Production

Working in live animal production typically involves living in rural areas and may include roles such as independent producer, contact grower, service representative, or production manager. This type of work requires a natural affinity for animals, physical labor, and a willingness to work in a barn. 


When working with the government, you could be a data analyst, a scientist, or in the regulatory sector. Job opportunities include working for the USDA, the FDA, state veterinarians, large counties, or the military. This career path offers stable employment, a path to advancement, and excellent government benefits.


Academic careers involve teaching or research in state land-grant or private universities. Some universities may not have animal science departments, and funding can be a concern. Finishing a doctorate is also often required for top jobs. However, the career path can be gratifying for those passionate about teaching or research.


Not-for-profit organizations offer work opportunities for animal caretakers, researchers, marketers, government relations officers, etc. Some organizations have substantial funding, while others have lesser compensation.


Working in the industry offers various employment options, such as technical support, product development, animal nutritionist, sales, and marketing. These jobs are not limited to veterinarians and provide different salaries, job responsibilities, and required education levels.

In conclusion, animal science offers a wide range of job opportunities, and it’s up to you to choose the one that suits your passion and skills. From working on farms to conducting research at universities, from government work to industry roles, animal science has something for everyone. With the world’s increasing demand for animal products and the need to promote animal welfare, animal science professionals have an essential role in society.

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