I love looking for new innovations in dairy. I came across a video found on America’s Dairyland. It was a feature done by Wisconsin Dairy News about fitbits for cows.

Marieke Penterman was born and grew up in the Netherlands. She grew up in their 60-cow dairy farm. Marieke has a Bachelor’s Degree in Dairy Business. Rolf Penterman moved to Thorp, WI to start his 350-cow dairy farm in 2002. She followed him there a year later and currently specializes in making authentic Dutch Gouda cheese.

Their dairy farm is in good shape as well, thanks to innovations that improve productivity. They use fitbits for their cows and it has done wonders for their businesses.

Attached to the ear and ankle of each cow is an electronic device that is linked to a main computer. It tracks the nutrition activity and rest. The fitbit monitors the activity of the cow. It tells you the eating time or rumination.

It monitors the ear temperature as well. Cold ears are usually the first sign that the cow might be sick. Changes in eating patterns and activity are other signs to watch out for. These will help dairy producers determine if special attention is required.

Without the fitbit, a person would have to do this manually, which can be a hassle, especially if the producer has such a large number of dairy cows. The fitbit activates when a cow strays from its usual eating and sleeping pattern or if ear temperature drops or rises below normal.

According to Rolf Penterman, it has helped improve productivity as it allows him to be more responsive to each cow’s needs. The use of fitbits result in a healthier herd, as there is a lesser chance of other cows becoming sick and contaminating others that are near it.

Each cow has its own fitness monitor. The technology is far more advanced than those that are used in humans, though not as fashionable. This innovation will help simplify the process for dairy farm managers and producers.

With these innovations making things easier for entrepreneurs in this industry, more companies are deciding to expand their operations. This in turn, means more jobs for people in the dairy field.

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Rick Pascual, CPC, PRC

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