Everybody has friends.  Doing generic reference checks with a potential hire’s buddies will seldom help you make a great hiring decision.  Great reference checks help you understand what you have not yet learned through your interview and assessment tools.  This process will help.

  1. Identify your concerns. Determine what this person needs to be successful.  Cross off the things you are certain they can do.  Make the reference check about the items remaining.
  1. Write the right questions. Write out your questions in advance and ask the person to provide examples of what the potential hire has done, what you need to be done, the quality, quantity and speed with which they completed the work.
  1. Call the right people. While remembering not to put the person’s job in jeopardy, talk with previous supervisors, customers, technical or sales professionals with whom they interacted with and if possible, executives who have left the company.
  1. Dig deep. While getting answers to your initial questions, use follow-ups, such as how did they compare with others who have done this.  Describe the job you are trying to fill and ask if they would recommend this person for that job and why they believe this person could be successful.
  1. Bonus tip. Consider using a recruiting firm to help you with your entire recruiting process or simply to work on a per hour basis to conduct the reference work.  Experienced recruiters know how to dig deep.  Additionally, this will keep the call confidential, no one will know that it is your company who is recruiting.

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