Mark Mauldin with the University of Florida Extension published an article in Drovers, a couple days ago. I thought it would be a good read for producers in the beef and dairy industry.

One of the best ways to ensure optimal herd performance is to set a defined breeding season. Mauldin says this should be less than 120 days. Although he stresses that the ideal timeframe should be 60 to 90 days.

Leaving a bull with the cows all year long will make it hard for you to spot the ones that are financial liabilities. To be perfectly clear, Mauldin states that under-performing cows are the ones that fail to wean a calf once a year.

Each under-performing cow is a liability and if left unchecked, the more financial damage they will cost you. Producers who would rather continue with a year-round breeding season can take certain measures to identify the under-performers. Individually ID all the brood cows, keep a record of all your calving dates and cull the cows who fail to calve within one year. You can read the full article here.

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Andy Chatterjee • Beef & Swine Recruiting Specialist

Andy Chatterjee is a Talent Scout for Continental Search. He handles placements for the feed industry. He is currently undergoing training for this demanding position.

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