In recent years, there have been strategies formulated to improve milk production. However, there seems to be a drop in fertility in dairy cattle. This poses as a huge problem to people in this particular field or industry. This problem is addressed in this DAIReXNET webinar.

Joe Dalton of the University of Idaho is the first speaker. He is the past President of the Dairy Cattle Reproductive Council. Dr. Dalton talks about improving dairy cattle fertility using translational genomics. According to him, it is a collaborative effort, as it has taken many individuals to analyze results and create strategies to improve both milk production and fertility.

According to Dr. Dalton the main goal would be to increase milk production and daughter pregnancy rate to ensure better success. He states that there has been a fertility decline in the last few years. Since science has made great strides, they will be able to come up with strategies to increase fertility as they have raised milk production.

To improve the product, they want to improve the fertility of cattle by the help of biogenic markers, which allow researchers to track key elements in the study and determine if there are changes in fertility and milk production as well.

Another study was done by Dr. Jose Santos of University of Florida, the second speaker. He talks about a separate grant but quite similar to Dalton’s. His study deals with genomic selection for improved fertility in dairy cows with emphasis on cyclicity and pregnancy. Dr. Santos has a done a clinical residency in dairy reproduction medicine in the University of California.

His study deals with nutrition, pregnancy and to improve both postpartum health and fertility in dairy cows. Dr. Santos’ team does their research by identifying molecular markers which are either associated or causative factors that can lead to the decline in fertility in dairy cows.

This webinar will prove helpful to individuals in this particular industry because it tackles problems that can impact one’s dairy business. To watch the full webinar, you can click here.

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Dairy Cow Milk Production & Fertility

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