One of the most expensive factors in a dairy operation would be the cost of feed. Managing these costs have to be done to keep the business profitable. This is why I felt the need to share this article by PennState Extension. It talks about how much producers would have to spend to grow their own feed.

While purchased feed is included, it also talks of how much producers will spend to produce their own crops. You will notice that farm-raised produce will vary in quality, quantity and type. Another thing to consider is that not all dairy producers feed their cows with the same type of formula. Therefore, foodstuff will be unique for each operation based on what is can be planted in the area and on the advice given by the bovine nutritionist.

Planning and tracking costs have to be performed regularly to ensure the profitability of the business venture. While planting their own crop may be cheaper, producers also have to consider certain factors. These factors will include soil type, nutritional value, equipment, storage, labor and available space.

Planning and tracking aids producers in recording the amount of money they spend. This will help them greatly, as it will provide them with a basis to consider if they need to make changes to ensure the profitability of their business venture.

A dairy producer who wishes to rely more (or solely) on farm-raised foodstuff should consider all factors. The article has tables that illustrate planned costs of corn silage, soybeans and corn grain. The data found there represents 104 dairy farms. All participated in the 2016 Penn State Extension program called “Know Your Numbers.”

Before deciding on a “menu” for the dairy cows, producers have to consult with a nutritionist to ensure that each meal, while cost-effective, is also packed with an ideal amount of nutrients to ensure the nutritional value of the finished product.

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