Finally!  The time has arrived—it’s YOUR turn to ask questions during your interview.

Believe it or not, there are some people who don’t ask any questions during their interview.  This is a big mistake.  That’s because the interviewers’ perception of how sharp you are is heavily influenced by the questions you ask.  It’s not just the questions you ask that will affect their assessment of you, either—it’s the words you choose to express those questions, as well.

What’s the central theme of this series of blog posts?  Preparation, of course.  As such, below are three reasons you should prepare a list of questions beforehand:

  1. It makes you much more organized and efficient.
  2. It ensures that you won’t overlook needed information.
  3. Those interviewing you will notice your list and the fact that you’re prepared to ask questions.

Develop a list of 10 to 15 strong questions to ask during your interview!

*Carry them in your portfolio or folder.  Those questions should include the following:

  • Why do you feel this position would be attractive to someone with my background and skills?
  • What things make it attractive to be an employee of your company?
  • What qualities do you appreciate most in a member of your staff?
  • What qualities do you appreciate least in a member of your staff?

How you handle this list of questions is very important.  You don’t have to wait until the end of the interview to ask all of them.  At several points, the interviewers will ask if you have any questions.  That’s when you pull out your list, scan it, and ask a couple of them.  This will make it clear that you are completely prepared and taking the interview seriously.

So 10 to 15 questions is your range, but you’ve probably noticed that we didn’t provide 10 to 15 example questions.  Be sure to check our next blog post for additional examples.

(For more information about successfully preparing for YOUR next interview, download a copy of Dan Simmons’s e-Book, Put Your Best You Forward: Simple Steps to a Successful Interview.)