The dairy industry is going through a major change. This article from Progressive Dairyman by Melissa Hart will be quite an informative read for dairy producers who want their businesses to thrive. Success starts with four pillars.

Mike Hutjens, Professor of Animal Sciences at University of Illinois, spoke at the 2017 Great Lakes Regional Dairy Conference which was held at Frankenmuth, MI. He outlined what was going on with regard to feed costs and also international markets.

According to Hutjens, dairy producers need to be ready to welcome change. He shared 4 pillars for the milk industry in 2017.

The first pillar is to never give up on milk. Ration dry matter is at 10 to 12 cents for every pound. Therefore, if milk is worth 17 cents a pound, 10 cents of dry matter would lead to 24 cents more income. If the dairy producer makes sure the cows eat the feed, this will pay off!

The second pillar was to build one’s milk check, He believes it is money lying on the table. This is something producers can control, no matter what administration is running the country. Higher fat and protein means higher premium.

The third pillar was the importance of feed additives. He believes that this is a game-changer and says that the six additives he uses are silage inoculants, rumen buffers, monensin, yeast products, organic trace minerals and biotin.

The fourth pillar would be implementing 5 feeding metrics. No matter how great your understanding of genomics is or your ability to put that to use, a sound feeding plan is your key to success.

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Rick Pascual, CPC, PRC

Dairy Success

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