The rate of U.S. milk production increases by 3 billion pounds each year, based on an article from The Dairy Site. The milk yield has grown so much that producers are having difficulty coping with processing.

Ben Laine, who is a Cobank senior dairy economist, claims that dairy processors have to handle an ever-growing supply of milk and they must anticipate the optimal product mix to address the demand. He says that over the next ten years, the U.S. will need to process. an additional 27 billion pounds of milk if the trend continues.

There are various growth opportunities in the milk industry. A number of independent processors and cooperatives have focused their time and build and expand milk powder processing plants. In the Midwest, there are a number of companies that have opted to build or expand their cheese-making plants.

U.S. milk production will not slow down anytime soon. The best thing to do would be to increase processing capacity to match its pace. However, processors are urged to watch consumer demand closely, both international and domestic demands, to be precise. Here is a link to the full article and one for the Cobank report.

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