This is it—the interview is just about to begin.  You’ve made it to the threshold, and you’re going to walk across it.  Is there anything we’re forgetting?  What last piece of advice can we share before the moment of truth?

We do have one more piece of advice before you walk through that door, and that advice is comprised of two components.  During this interview, you must do two things:

  1. You MUST present a positive attitude.
  2. You MUST provide a positive and pleasant experience for everyone you meet.

Why are these two things important?  Let’s cut straight to the chase, shall we?

People hire people they like.  Period.

If they don’t like you, you won’t get the offer, regardless of your talent.

That’s why you must approach the entire interview process with a positive attitude.  Many less qualified people get hired because they are liked.  The best interview skills often win out over the best qualifications.  Let’s say that one more time:

The best interview skills often win out over the best qualifications.

During this interview, you’re not just explaining to company officials why you’re the best person for the job from a technical and skills standpoint.  You’re also showing them why you’re a fit for the position from a company culture standpoint.  Attributes such as excitement, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude go a long way toward making the proper impression, so make certain you have that mindset and you’re prepared to display those attributes.

Be yourself, enjoy yourself, and let your natural enthusiasm take over.  There’s a good chance that people like you . . . so show the people conducting this interview why you’re so likeable.

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