I was browsing through Dairy Herd Management when I found an article about the benefits of adding methionine to the Holstein cow diet. I thought it would be beneficial to our readers who have dairy cows.

According to research performed by the University of Illinois, adding methionine to the diet of Holstein cows could enhance the survival rate of pre-implanted embryos. The study involved supplementing the diets of a group of cows. They started supplementation 21 days before the cows were due to give birth and continued until 72 days after birth. The control group did not give methionine.

Phil Cardoso, who is an animal scientist at the university says that this is the first limiting amino acid for dairy cattle. He says the lack of methionine limits the protein content in cow milk. It also provides a positive effect on cow embryos.

This is something that a cow cannot create internally. In fact, it has to come from the diet. Anything fed to the cow has to undergo digestion, notably by the bacteria found in the rumen. If crystal methionine is given to a cow, it will get used by the bacteria.

This is why Cardoso recommends supplementation with rumen-protected methionine (RPM). He says that 85% of it will be absorbed in the duodenum and will enter the bloodstream. The bacteria found in the rumen will use only 15%.

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Rick Pascual, CPC/ PRC • Recruiter

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