We talked about MPP-Dairy a few months ago. According to Progressive Dairyman, the deadline was on June 1, 2018. The Farm Service Agency (FSA) made certain that interested farmers were able to enroll by the June 1 deadline. They were given the option to download and fill out the application form or to visit the FSA county office to apply.

Dairy producers who decided to go the MPP route are getting their checks soon. Producers enrolled in the 2018 Margin Protection Program for Dairy (MPP-Dairy) and have elected $7, $7.50, or $8 per hundredweight margin coverage are guaranteed indemnity payments for milk production from February to April. The checks should be available early to mid-June and will cover February and March and possibly even April pay periods.

According to the estimates, dairy producers signed up for the $7, $7.50, and $8 per cwt margin levels will get a net cash return that is higher than the premium payment (14.2 cents/cwt) at the Tier I $8 margin level.

Cynthia Walters, who is the program director with the USDA FSA in Pennsylvania, said that FSA offices are in the late stages of installing payment software to handle indemnity checks. The indemnity payments are expected to go to eligible producers quickly. You can read the full article by Dave Natzke here.

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