Sow Production Director

Job #: 167234

Location: KS

A leading pork powerhouse seeks a Sow Production Director to oversee strategic planning and its execution to enhance regional farm profitability and employee success for their SD and KS operations.


Reports To: Director of Sow Operations
Supervises: Production Managers/Supervisors

Key Responsibilities:
*    Prioritize and embed safety into the company culture at all locations.
*    Foster a work environment that emphasizes goal setting, accountability, and ongoing improvement.
*    Tailor development for each Production Manager/Supervisor based on specific farm requirements.
*    Train leaders on the company’s objectives and system-wide goals.
*    Organize and lead meetings with Production Managers to discuss strategies, enhance protocols, and outline developmental strategies for the organization.
*    Ensure continuous communication with the Director of Sow Operations regarding all critical aspects of farm production and operations.
*    Analyze the financial health of the production system and collaborate with the finance department to craft strategies that support the organization’s profitability and expansion.
*    Establish and implement farm goals in alignment with the broader objectives of the company.
*    Hold Production Managers/Supervisors and farm staff accountable for their performance and the outcomes of their farms.
*    Mentor Production Managers/Supervisors to enhance their financial and strategic planning skills related to farm profitability and improvement.
*    Consistently report farm performance to owners and shareholders.
*    Build strategic partnerships with owners/shareholders to discuss and plan the organizations’ growth trajectories.
*    Lead continuous improvement initiatives by evaluating and optimizing current practices and protocols.
*    Work closely with the finance team to develop economically efficient processes and strategies for expanding farm sites.


Education: Preferred Veterinary Degree.
Experience and Skills:
*    Proven success and in-depth experience in sow production management.
*    Strong analytical and communication skills.
*    Proficient in written communication.
*    Independent and proactive in solving problems.

TRAVEL: Frequent travel is a significant requirement of this position.