In our previous blog post, we gave you a checklist of the things you should bring to your face-to-face interview.  That’s only part of your pre-interview tips and preparation, though.  What you do before the interview is just as important as what you do and say during the interview.

Remember, the central theme running through all of these blog posts is that of preparation.  The more prepared you are—at every stage of the process—the better your chances of getting what you want out that process: an offer of employment.

Below are some additional pre-interview tips designed to set you up for success:

  • Get a haircut, trim your beard and/or mustache (if you’re a man, of course), and polish your shoes.
  • Don’t wear heavy makeup, jewelry, colognes, or perfumes.
  • Dress appropriately.  Over the past decade, customs regarding dress have changed dramatically and vary widely from organization to organization.  The best approach is to ask the person responsible for setting up the interview about recommended attire.
  • Be prepared for a physical and substance abuse screening, and know that both poppy seeds and second-hand marijuana smoke may result in a positive drug test.

Okay, we’ve done just about all we can do before you arrive at the company for your interview.  Are you nervous?  Don’t be.

We have the inside information you need to give the right impression and provide a great experience for everybody at your potential new employer . . . and we’ll start sharing that information in our next blog post.

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