Never list your references on your resume. Here’s why:

Suppose you are applying for your first Sales Manager job and you list your last 3 Sales Managers as references. The recruiter or hiring manager would be very tempted to bypass your candidacy and call the three people with years of experience that you listed as references and recruit them.

Always have a separate document with you

r references to provide when asked or at the end of the first face-to-face interview. If a recruiter, HR manager or the hiring manager asks for references, it is a good sign. You should have these references ready and provide them in an easy to ready format, showing name, contact information, number of years known and your relationship to the person. Always contact these people in advance and ask their permission to use them as references.

Who should I list as references?

Everyone has friends, and usually, they will say nice things about you. Provide the names of supervisors, executives and peers who have first hand knowledge of your work experience, work habits and accomplishments. List four if at all possible, most companies want to contact three and this gives them room for error.