As I mentioned in my previous blog post, when a recruiter doesn’t understand the business, vision, and goals of your company, problems ensue.

However, that’s not the only reason that companies aren’t able to fully utilize the talents of a recruiter.

Because of the nature of confidential searches and the considerable egos of headhunters, a variety of recruiter myths and misunderstandings have arisen.

These recruiter myths and misunderstandings, counterproductive to all parties concerned, are likely the top reason why companies can’t benefit fully from working with a recruiting firm.

Last year, I celebrated my 20th anniversary in the business, and I’m still amazed at how industry myths stand in the way of the relationship between companies and recruiters.  Debunking these myths is one of the driving forces behind my blog posts for employers in 2013.

However, there’s another catalyst, as well.

In the world of recruiting, there are some great solution providers.  There are also plenty of “posers.”  The trick is to know which is which and to only work with the best.

Another objective of these blog posts is to help you, the employer, determine which recruiters represent “the best of the best.”  Even if you’re able to make such a determination now, it’s my goal to help you further hone your awareness and your skills in dealing with recruiters.

My firm works specifically in what most would classify a niche market.  We deal primarily with animal science, animal agriculture, and integrated food processing.  If you work in a completely different field and are reading this, do not stop reading.  The principles shared are designed to work in a variety of fields.

In my next several blog posts, I’ll be addressing seven common myths about recruiters.  I’ll also be providing numerous tips along the way, all designed to help you more effectively “hunt the headhunter” and find a truly great recruiter.

(For more information about maximizing the benefits of working with a recruiter, download a copy of Dan Simmons’s e-Book, Hunting the Headhunter: Your Guide to Debunking Myths, Cutting Costs, and Changing the Way You Play the Recruitment Game.)